How to Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety ruins health, relationships, and work performance. If you ever feel anxious, then you can rely on some of these tips mentioned here, and find a therapist when you can’t deal with anxiety alone.

Here are some strategies to help you cope:


1.) Relax.

Practice yoga. Listen to music. Breathe. Meditate. Get a massage. Journal. Read a book. Visit the park. Step back from your problem(s), and clear your mind. There are so many things to do besides working and worrying about (temporary) problems.


2.) Eat healthy.

Don’t skip any meals, especially breakfast. Learn how to create healthy meals from and other health blogs. If you have a family or occassionally hang out with friends, then try to eat healthy with them. They don’t have to eat healthy with you, but it helps you feel comfortable with maintaining a healthy diet.


3.) Exercise.

You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise; you can watch exercise videos on YouTube, and exercise from the comfort of your own home. Exercising daily will help you feel happier, boost your energy, and feel more positive about your body.


4.) Accept that you can’t control everything

Put your stress in perspective: Is it really as bad as you think? There are things in life that we simply have no control over. Try to maintain a positive attitude, and do your best.


5.) Learn and deal with your triggers.

Family, school, work, and other things can trigger anxiety. Get a journal and write whenever you’re feeling anxious. Look for patterns when you re-read your journal entries. You can either seek help online, talk to family and friends, or find a therapist to help deal with your triggers.