Destressing the Holidays

Stress hits us all year at various times. It seems, however, to ramp up even more so during the holidays. The expectations, commitments, and anticipation of the season, combined with the colder days and longer nights, can leave us grappling with the “holiday blues”.

So, how can we keep the stress in check and enjoy the holiday season? Try incorporating these tips to help make the season bright.

Manage Expectations. Those picture-perfect commercials and made for TV movies are just fantasies. They aren’t attainable, and you shouldn’t compare that to your reality. Know your capabilities and allow for things to be omitted from the list of “holiday to-dos”.

Streamline Commitments. Everyone enjoys spending the holidays with loved ones. What we don’t enjoy is over-committing ourselves to the point of nonstop running and doing. Feeling it necessary to visit with everyone and attend every function makes for a frantic holiday. Pick and choose who to visit and what events to attend thoughtfully. Don’t overbook yourself, swap visits for different holidays. Allow yourself some downtime and the time to be in the moment and really enjoy the people you are with.

This can be the “most wonderful time of the year” when you make it a point to manage the stress, and give yourself the “present” of presence.