Autoimmune Awareness

March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month.  What is autoimmune disease? Simply put, it is when your system attacks normal cells in your body as if they were abnormal cells. Your immune system can’t distinguish between the good cells and the abnormal ones. We all probably know someone, or ourselves have been diagnosed with one of these diseases. Some commonly diagnosed autoimmune diseases include arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, psoriasis, Celiac Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS), and a long host of other maladies. It is a spectrum disease that can vary in symptoms and treatments needed.

Research still hasn’t concluded on the causes of AD. There are currently about 100 diseases categorized as autoimmune, and at least another 40 that are being considered. Whether it is hereditary, environmental, born of infections, chemical exposures, or a combination. Often the “western” diet has been considered one of the precursors. Inflammation is linked to this disease, and managing it is a must. Whatever the cause, the number of people living with autoimmune diseases is on the rise.

If one of your loved ones suffers from an autoimmune disease and needs any care, BoB HomeCare is available to support your family.