Be Healthy, Man

This month we concentrate on men’s health education. The intention is to educate and empower men to prioritize their health and well-being.

Men have a shorter life expectancy than women by, on average, six years. There are some diseases notably more profound in men, but most problems can be addressed early and/or easily with a consistent health routine, and regular check-ups. Knowing your family’s health history is another great tool to aid in education and preparation.

While heart disease seems to be equally deadly to both sexes, some statistics uniquely relate to the male population are:

Men are twice as likely to die prematurely from diabetes.

Men are three times more likely to abuse substances and less likely to seek help for mental health.

Over 230,000 men are diagnosed yearly with prostate cancer. Testicular cancer is most common in guys 15-34 years old.

Everyone should encourage their loved ones to be an advocate for their health. If you or a family member are in need of home care, BoB is here to help.