Tips for Waking Up Early to Work Out

Not everyone is a morning person. And few of us are eager to work out.

But getting up early and exercising can be an amazing way to start your day!



1.) Commit to your “why”.

If you want to accomplish something big, and you’re determined to meet your goal, then youcan easily jump out of bed.


2.) Make exercising a part of your schedule.

If you’re going to be busy with your career, family, social commitments, etc. later in the day, then try to exercise in the morning.


3.) Prioritize sleep.

If you sleep early, then waking up shouldn’t be challenging.

If you can’t prioritize sleep, then don’t force yourself to wake up early. You can accomplish a lot from exercising when you’re well-rested.


4.) Stick to a routine.

Do as much prep work as you can the night before, at the latest.

Try to practice the following until your body automatically and comfortably follows them:

  • prepare clothes to wear
  • prepare a workout schedule
  • set an alarm and refuse to hit the “snooze” button
  • move immediately; don’t stay in bed for too long after the alarm goes off
  • eat a light and healthy breakfast to kickstart your morning


5.) Start with short workouts.

This is helpful especially for those who are new to early morning exercises. Try starting off your mornings with quick 10-minute workouts first before jumping straight into long and intense workouts.


6.) Make it happen everyday.

When you’re developing a new habit, consistency is the key.