Hair Care Tips for Seniors

Mature hair is dry and thin. As you age, you may find that your genetics are beginning to show. For instance, if someone in your familiy had thinning hair, then you may find yourself with the same hair condition. Medications can also affect your hair. A common side effect of high blood pressure medications is hair loss.

The condition of your hair reflects your overall health. One of the best ways to take care of your hair is to have a good diet. To keep your hair smooth and strong, make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Foods that are high in vitamins A and C will help your body produce sebum, which will help keep your hair supple and shiny. You should also eat plenty of protein that are low fat selections. Without adequate protein, your hair will become brittle. You may wnat to consider supplements such as biotin, vitamin E, fish oil, and primrose oil.

Other ways to take care of your hair include choosing a hair style that is easy to manage, and avoiding sun damage by wearing a hat. These tips are especially helpful for those of you who have dyed or bleached hair.