Recommendation: “A Man Called Ove”

I recently bought Fredrik Backman’s novel “A Man Called Ove” and watched the movie adaptation of it. And I’ve got to say that the story is one of the my favorite pro-life stories ever. It also made me appreciate life even more.

Here’s a short preview of what the story is about without too many spoilers:

A widower named Ove who visits his beloved wife’s grave and feels lost in grief. Wanting to be with his wife again, he attempts suicide multiple times. Sadly, he keeps getting interrupted from his suicide attempts. Eventually, his neighbors help heal his pain and Ove’s background is slowly revealed as the story unfolds.

I’m so glad I remembered to read that book because I have a ton of books in my to-read list! (If you’re interested in creating book lists and getting reading recommendations, then check out GoodReads.)

I seldomly think that book-to-film adaptations are good. Luckily, the movie version of “A Man Called Ove” really impressed me.

I’m not sure if the movie is still in the theaters, but you can always purchase the book.

The book has been on sale for quite a long time at various stores. (I think I bought my copy at around 10 USD.)

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